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Jigsaw Bag-in-Box sells bags, boxes and associated equipment for filling and dispensing many liquids but particularly beer, cider and wine. Bag in box is a technical product and Jigsaw is the place where all the pieces fit together.

We have over twenty years’ experience of bag in box packaging and are specialists. Bag in box is our business, and not a bolt on part of a larger packaging business. Bag in box is an ideal solution for the dispense of beer, cider, wine, water and a range of other products. Carbonated products and chemicals that deleteriously affect plastics are beyond anyone, let alone us!

Jigsaw stocks three, five, ten and twenty litre bags and boxes in several shapes for different dispense solutions so the chances are that we will be able to supply your needs from stock.

Boxes can be supplied plain, with a generic logo or printed with your own bespoke design.

We have clients who purchase millions of items from us and those who purchase ten or twenty once a year; we treat everyone equally with good service and proven friendly advice.

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