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Jigsaw products Bespoke packaging for the drinks industry

As well as providing bag-in-box solutions for all kinds of packaging and dispense problems within the drinks industry, Jigsaw also retails a selection of related products.
Jigsaw exclusively supplies CaskFresh – a brand new bag-in-box system for brewers of cask conditioned ale.

Jigsaw CaskFresh
Filling CaskFresh Thirty CaskFresh Ales CaskFresh packed
Jigsaw filler

CaskFresh system for traditional ale brewers

CaskFresh allows brewers and publicans to dispense top quality, conditioned ale for up to twelve weeks: eliminating wastage and providing a cost effective alternative to casks. CaskFresh bags are self venting and allow for a natural secondary fermentation.
Jigsaw also supplies a full range of taps and connectors that turn all our bag-in-box systems into the ideal dispense solution. We have also developed a Perspex filling aid to simplify the filling process and avoid spillage.

  Jigsaw Pop-Up Bar   Jigsaw pop-up
Jigsaw pop-up bar

The Jigsaw Pop-Up Bar system

The new Jigsaw Pop-Up Bar is a tremendous asset for customers looking to increase their point of sale profile. The bar can be erected by one person in seconds and the individual elements can be built into a bar of any size. Indispensable for promotional events, farmers markets etc.
Jigsaw Wooden Display Boxes are built to order and size and can be branded by lazer-cutting your logo or brand name onto the front plate.

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