The Moor Brewery in Ashcott, Somerset has recently become an enthusiastic user of Jigsaw's Bag-in-Box system.

Head Brewer and Proprietor Justin Hawke used to supply his 'drink-at-home' trade with beer in semi-rigid polypins. "I found bag-in-box much cheaper and it is also possible for one person to fill the boxes on their own using the Jigsaw filler," he said.

However, of even more importance to Justin than cost and ease of use was the quality of his final product. "Bag-in-box keeps the beer in fundamentally better condition than polypins," he added.

Justin is a native of California and was a keen full mash brewer before arriving at the Moor Brewery at Whitley Farm, Ashcott in early 2007.

He is pictured (left) with a few of the awards that his beers have won in the last two years. For more deatails about the Moor Brewery CLICK HERE




Bag in box - Greener than Glass
Battlready Bags/New White Boxes

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